We get product to market.

It starts in fields, warehouses and kitchens across California, where we work closely with brands and producers to ensure compliant sources for verified, tested products.

We optimize intake through our comprehensive SAAS suite. We create verified digital product profiles from raw products thus giving producers all the tools they need for distribution with a easy-to-use online service.


Our Mission

We optimize distribution in ways that build long term sustainability for Producers.

We're building a safe, authentic and verified exchange for regulated products.

We're committed to using the power of technology to simplify wholesale, through our platform, our producers, our partners and the businesses we serve.

As we grow, commitment to our producers and product integrity will drive the decisions we make.

Our roots are in the Emerald Triangle; we understand the demands of producers and what they need to compete in a shifting industry.
— Daniel D'Ancona, CEO


  • Testing- We provide free 3rd party testing for producers.
  • Tracking- Our GPS based tracking app traces a product through the sales cycle.
  • Marketplace- Retail buyers from across CA can buy products directly from you.
  • Delivery- No more risk, our delivery partners handle transportation


  • Selection- We take care of producers, in return we get a huge selection of California products.
  • Tested product- 100% Tested products online
  • Customer Service- easy to reach Reps make it easy for you. 
  • Reliable Delivery- Our logistics network provides safe, prompt and professional fulfillment.